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Our research focuses on California voters to understand their voting patterns and preferences, as well as to identify what facilitates or inhibits their political engagement. Our past research has focused on California youth, voters of color, and region-specific voters. To access the results of these studies, click below.

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In 2023, the California Voter Consortium enlisted the help of Data for Social Good, a non-profit organization dedicated to utilizing data to support and empower community organizations. This study aims to identify which counties in California are lacking in statewide and local political engagement. This includes examining counties with low rates of voter registration and turnout, as well as assessing the role of the Secretary of State in either promoting or hindering these numbers. By addressing these issues, the California Voter Consortium hopes to propose effective procedures and policies that will strengthen and streamline democracy, ensuring that all members of the community feel that their vote holds significance and that their voices are heard at both the local and national level,

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