We design and map dashboards to keep track of the results of your campaign. Through our various platforms, we offer tools useful for targeting voters, interpreting data, and getting results.

DfSG Platform Web App
  • Delegate access to your team of canvassers and callers
  • Set up Universes, Turfs, and Scripts for your team to follow
  • Review and analyze their results in a clear and accessible way
DfSG Canvassing App
  • Access assigned areas and information on the voters within including
    addresses and phone numbers for easy and effective canvassing work
  • Follow Scripts for different areas of assignment set up by your admin
  • Submit results to the app to visualize your progress
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DFSG webb app

Log in with confidence
  • Our 2-Factor Authentication means sensitive voter data stays safe
  • Authenticate with a 6-digit code send to your phone number and/or email

Define a Universe for Your Team
  • Universes can be defined with various geographic, demographic and
    political parameters.
  • Filter by zip code, county, congressional district, gender, registration date,
    election cycle, and more!
  • View voter data in the drop down tab for the Universe you set to get
    population estimates and other preliminary voter statistics.

Map Out Turfs to Visit
  • Use the polygon tool to map out Turfs within your universe for an in depth
    look at voter information using Universe indicators.
  • Assign specific Turfs to your volunteers on a particular schedule, with the
    option to transfer assignment between volunteers.

Write Scripts for Your Team
  • Develop Scripts for your team to use when canvassing and talking to voters
    in their assignments
  • Scripts can be customized for specific demographics and geographical

Analyze Results
  • Conveniently summarized results from your team’s efforts
  • Track progress for each user in your team to compare number of contacts
    assigned, percent completed, percent pending, and the outcomes of
    reaching out

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