Elections are about people, and people do not go away after an election. Rather, they continue to live and work in the community. Our approach is to bring their voices to bear during the electoral and non-electoral processes to bring about better governance. To that end, we use data to make that work easier.

In other words, our mission is to provide the data, tools, and strategies organizations and campaigns need to politicize social networks, build social capital, and deepen U.S. civil society.


We are a data driven, execution minded, diverse team that will aid our customers in fulfilling their missions.

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José Luis Bedolla
José Luis BedollaCEO
MBA with 17 years of delivering technology products in various fields, with patents around navigation product Clinton/Gorefield operative
Dr. Lisa García Bedolla
Dr. Lisa García BedollaPresident and Board Chair
Chancellor’s Professor, Education and Political Science at UC Berkeley. Principle & Cofounder American Majority Project Research Institute
Jessica Maya Rodriguez
Jessica Maya RodriguezResearch Manager
Having studied Data Science with an emphasis on Inequalities in Society at Berkeley, Jessica is focused on empowering underrepresented communities through technology and making transformative changes possible through data science.
Alyson Otanez
Alyson OtanezResearch Assistant
A first-year at UC San Diego studying Political Science: Data Analytics, Alyson is passionate about using data to find incentives that will increase voter turnout among underrepresented groups.
Rubi Michelle Gonzalez
Rubi Michelle GonzalezResearch Assistant
Rubi is a 4th year UCR student studying Sociology and is passionate about utilizing secondary data analysis to help support marginalized groups. She hopes she can make a small difference in the world using her experience and knowledge while at DSG.


Jorgiana Lopez
Jorgiana LopezResearch Assistant
A Master of Information and Data Science student at UC Berkeley, Jorgiana is passionate about decolonizing and making the current systems in place for under- resourced communities more accessible, especially for BIPOC.


Anika Chandwani
Anika ChandwaniResearch Intern
Anika is a first-year at UC Berkeley majoring in Computer Science and Data Science. She believes in using tools such as data analysis and research to address social inequalities and break down barriers in our society.
Amy Palm
Amy PalmResearch Intern
Amy is a first year at UC Berkeley studying data science and cognitive science, and is eager to explore the intersection between data and social justice, specifically within underrepresented communities.
Zachary Khouri
Zachary KhouriMarketing Intern
Zachary is a sophomore at UC Berkeley. He is excited to join the DSG team in using data to cultivate social change.


Elizabeth Leong
Elizabeth LeongFormer Undergraduate Intern
Elizabeth was involved with the Society of Women Engineers at Cal and is passionate about serving members in her own community especially within the new immigrant population.
Fatima Hernandez Brambila
Fatima Hernandez BrambilaCitris Intern
Fatima is pursuing sociology and psychology with a minor in public health to learn about the issues troubling marginalized communities and the possible solutions to diminish these effects. Currently, she is a part of the organization S.P.E.A.K., which educates about the needs of undocumented individuals and provides information on the legal and financial laws available to them.
Natasha Hellebrandt
Natasha HellebrandtFormer Undergraduate Intern
Natasha is passionate about social justice issues; She was involved in Cal ACLU and in her spare time volunteers at Sacred Heart Community Service of San Jose.



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